Friday, June 9, 2023

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We believe strongly in supporting artists and authors by buying media we love. But sometimes it's nice to try something out first. People use tools such streaming services, renting physical and digital media and by...
iPhone screen locked down with Screen Time
Does this sound familiar? "Wanna grab a coffee on Tuesday?" "Let me just check my calendar real quick....." One hour later... "Did you know Bobby Bonilla has a contract that pays him 1.14 million a year until 2035?" "That's crazy....
New Mini-Episode of the Betterocity Podcast: Kanopy.
The streaming world is getting crowded but we think Kanopy stands out and deserves your attention. Plus, it's available for FREE through your local library! Check out our podcast to learn more about Kanopy. We...

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Find A Puzzle You’ll Love At Puzzle Warehouse

Shopping online has been overtaken by large retailers but it's worth your time to find smaller specialty outlets online for a...

The Best Black Friday Deals Start Now

BREAKDOWN Shop Black Friday Deals Now At Many Stores: Best Buy, Costco, AmazonCompare online pricing at stores for items on your list...

Listen to this Podcast: How I Built This With Guy Raz

via GIPHY We all have that big idea, the one that we'll build some day. But there's always something that forces us...