Wednesday, June 19, 2024

The Best Online Puzzle Sites

Jigsaw Explorer

Jigsaw Explorer offers beautiful HD puzzles with customizable puzzle piece counts. Everything on the site is available without an account. Users can create their own puzzle from a photo and play with friends without an account. Choose puzzle piece counts, turn on and off piece rotation, and display only edge pieces to aid in solving puzzles.

We love that no account is required for any of the site’s features.

We wish there was more variety in puzzles hosted on the site, but you can create your own puzzle with virtually any photo on the web.


Final Thoughts

Online puzzles are a great way to decompress and exercise your brain. There are so many puzzle sites to review and these are just a few of the best sites we found. We’re always looking for new sites to add. So send us your puzzle website suggestions and we’ll review them: [email protected]


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