Saturday, May 18, 2024

Check Amazon Price History With Keepa

Keepa: Amazon Price History For Everyone

Check price history of products on Amazon and make sure you’re getting the best price and avoiding price-gouging on Amazon.


  • Free for basic price history of items on Amazon
  • Additional Amazon data available with a paid plan
  • Track the price of Amazon products and receive notice when the price drops below a desired price
  • Available as web extension for Chrome, Mozilla, Opera, and Edge browsers

Keepa Makes Checking Amazon Price History Easy

The price of products on Amazon can vary greatly. Checking price history allows you to determine if it’s the right time to buy.

Install the the browser extension on your browser of choice (sorry Safari users) and the price history chart will display directly within the Amazon page.

Use The Price Tracker

Set a price for a product and Keepa will let you know when it drops below your desired price.

Final Thoughts

Keepa is a great extension if you shop on Amazon and quickly want to get an idea about the price history of a product. When products are in demand or during emergencies they can be significantly higher than market price. By knowing the price history you can have peace of mind when buying a product.

Keepa is very useful for Amazon Sellers and the paid version provides deeper data and insights that are essential for running a store on Amazon.

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