Sunday, April 21, 2024

Discover How Much Time You Waste On Your iPhone With Screen Time

Does this sound familiar?

“Wanna grab a coffee on Tuesday?”

“Let me just check my calendar real quick…..”

One hour later…

“Did you know Bobby Bonilla has a contract that pays him 1.14 million a year until 2035?”

“That’s crazy. How’s Tuesday looking?”

“Oh right. Let me check.”

We love to get our fix.

And the vampire devices in our pockets are very happy to take our time and suck it all away.

It’s nothing new. Why do you think our parents and grandparents sat and read books, magazines and newspapers? This may hurt a little but they read to ignore the world, in particular, you. They wanted an escape. It may’ve seemed less life-sucking, because other people could see what they were doing, but it was a time suck just the same. So don’t let anyone make you feel bad for using your smartphone to escape for a few minutes each day.

The reality of your smartphone use is on full display with Screen Time, a new feature in iOS 12. You’ll probably cry when you discover how much time you spend on your phone and how you spend it. It can be very humbling to see you spent 4 hours and 45 minutes on your phone in one day. Most of us know we have addictions to our smartphones but seeing the amount of time we are wasting on our phones should be a wakeup call.

So lock it all down with Screen Time.

iPhone screen on Screen Time lock down!

Okay, you don’t have to shut it all down, although limiting usages of all apps can really be i-opening with regards to how often an app is used on your phone. Screen Time helps us manage our time on our phones by allowing users to set up limits and app restrictions.

Screen Time lets you limit all your apps or specific categories, like the screenshot above.

But we find it more useful to set limits for specific apps and websites.

You can limit specific apps and see usage by clicking on the Screen Time graph and selecting the offending app.

Setting app limits won’t lock you out of an app entirely, you can renew for 15 minutes or remove the limit for the entire day, but it really makes a person aware of how much they are using a particular app if they have to keep renewing for 15 minute increments.

If your children complain that you are on your phone too much, try using Screen Time to help limit device time and see if your kids notice. Who are we kidding? They’ll never notice, except when you’re on your phone.

Screen Time is perfect for people who feel guilty about spending too much time on their phones and want to do something about it.

Thanks Apple for making us feel worse about ourselves but also for providing a way to feel better about how we are managing our time.

Lastly, Screen Time is great to use for your own time management but it’s really amazing when it comes to monitoring and controlling how your child uses their devices. Set app time limits, block restricted content and apps, and monitor usage.

Why Screen Time?

  • Free with iOS 12.
  • Parental controls. “Sorry, Fortnite is on lockdown.”
  • Works for apps and websites.


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