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Saturday, July 20, 2024

Flow State Sends Daily Curated Playlists To Help You Work

We’ll admit it. We’ve spent hours of work, working on finding the best music to help us work. It’s a process. And it’s a problem because there is so much music in the world and more being released every day. It’s endless. It’s overwhelming. “Did someone say the coffee is done?”

Enter music curation. All the streaming services offer curation by the streaming platform themselves or by allowing their users to create playlists. But still, it takes time to dig through all the noise and find the gems.

So let’s take it back to that old friend we love to hate, EMAIL.

Flow State Sign Up Screenshot
Subscribe to Flow State for a daily curated music playlist made to help you work.

Flow State

Flow State is a free, daily music playlist delivered to your inbox every morning at 3am ET. It’s designed for work and is great way to jump right into it while listening to fresh music every day.

Flow state doesn’t just deliver great music to your inbox every day. It also provides summaries and context for the music and the artists. It’s not only musically satisfying, it’s educational.

Flow State playlist and summary.
Flow State playlist and summary.


The service is totally free but they offer additional perks such as , personalized playlists, for paid subscribers for 5/mo or $40/yr. You can also buy them the occasional coffee if you want to show your support for their amazing music curation services.

Paying subscriber benefits.
Paying subscriber benefits.

Now that we’ve sorted your music for you. You can finally get some work done., right after lunch, or that coffee, or the water bottle refill.

Source: Flow State


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