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Free Cable TV With Pluto TV

Cutting the Cord: Pluto TV

Cut the cable cord with Pluto TV. It’s not traditional cable TV but it’s perfect for cord cutters who don’t mind being fed ads in return for a free cable alternative.


  • Free ad-supported cable TV alternative
  • Supported Devices: PC, Mac, Apple TV (4th Gen), Roku, Chromecast, iOS, Android, Fire TV, Select Smart TVs
  • Live TV and On Demand Content
  • 100+ channels
  • No Account Needed To View Content

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Pluto TV is Free Cable TV

Really? Really. It’s free. It’s totally free. There are even on demand TV shows and Movies. But there is a catch. It’s not really cable TV. Sure, it has many of the same channel names but many of the channels are not airing the most current content. But let’s be honest most traditional cable channels aren’t airing the most current content. And anyone willing to cut the cord for totally free cable isn’t probably that concerned with missing the newest content when there is so much to watch for free.


It’s not real cable, so you won’t get all the new content you get from the big providers. But the way many Pluto TV channels are organized might be even better. Many of the channels are dedicated to specific shows or genres, with plenty of live channels as well.

There is so much to watch it’s a very competent addition to a streaming household or for those looking to go cable free and cut the cord:

  • 20+ movie channels organized by genre or provider. Cult, 80s, westerns, documentaries, indies, thrillers, horror, comedy… you get the idea.
  • Multiple dedicated Holiday, who are we kidding, Christmas channels
  • Entertainment channels: MTV, VH1, E!, BET, Spike, TVLand
  • Dedicated channels to specific shows such as: American Gladiators, Baywatch, Degrassi, This Old House, The Addams Family, Fear Factor, Wahlburgers (Is there a following for this show?), MST3K, Antiques Roadshow and so many more
  • Dedicated channels to specific genres: dramas, crime, cartoons, comedy, travel, documentaries, tech, faith, SLOW tv and so many more.
  • News Channels from all the big players: CNN, CBS, NBC, Bloomberg and more
  • Kids Channels with dedicated Dora the Explorer and TMNT channels as well as Nick
  • 20+ Latino channels
  • Music video and Music streaming channels

So it might not be “real” cable but you’ll be able to find some quality mindless content to air on your TV, computer or phone and really that’s what it’s all about.


Pluto TV Sports

Pluto TV has sports channels. But most aren’t live and if you’re looking for live coverage of the most recent pro sports in the United States you’ll likely be very disappointed.

But they do have the NFL Channel, Fox Sports, MLS. They also have dedicated channels for surfing, fishing, winter sports, fights, wrestling and more.


Pluto TV has commercials and they can be slightly more intrusive than other traditional media or streaming offerings. If you’re a Netflix/Prime only household you will probably be frustrated with the commercials.

On Demand

The on demand offerings aren’t amazing but they are free and it actually includes some shows and movies that are recognizable.

Worth It?

Pluto TV is owned by Viacom, so it’s legit and will probably only get better with time. You don’t need an account to access the content. It’s a decent alternative for traditional cable. Best of all it’s free!

With Pluto TV you don’t have spend time choosing content. It’s just like live cable TV but it’s free and ad-supported.

Source: Pluto TV


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