Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Free Films and Documentaries With Your Library Card

If you’ve been reading our content then you know how much we love libraries. There’s no other place in the world like a library and they are often early adopters when it comes to offering new ways to access information. We all have that one friend with an endless amount of information about every topic imaginable but with a library you can count on it being good information.

From offering seed libraries to lending musical instruments for check out, libraries are pushing the boundaries for what they make available to their communities. Libraries have waded into video streaming, but many of the services lack quality movies.

Kanopy is a video streaming site allowing users to stream classic and indie films, and documentaries with your library card.

Why you should check out Kanopy:

  • Thoughtful Films and Documentaries
  • Free With a Library Card
  • Kids Section

The biggest downside of using Kanopy is the monthly viewing limit of 4 titles. If you like to stream an entire catalog of films in a weekend you’ll feel very constrained by the 4 title limit.

We advise looking at the 4 title limit differently. Watch one film a week and then read a book, go on a hike or be inspired to create something yourself.

Head on over to Kanopy and see if the service is offered by your local library.

If your library doesn’t offer Kanopy, there are quite a few libraries in the United States that offer their digital services to non-residents for a fee. This a great option if you don’t have a library near you, or your library lacks online services, or you just want to support a library and get some perks for your donation.



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