Sunday, April 21, 2024

It’s Time To Memorialize Those Old T-Shirts

We know you love your old tees. Especially that rare Ron Jon Surf Shop tee you picked up on your band trip to Florida. Or maybe it’s the GAP tee from your ex, but you don’t want anyone to know that’s the reason you keep it. Or more than likely you have no idea how you came across the tee but you can’t bear to part with it.

We get it. Sentimentality over everything. We keep what makes us happy. But what about all the people in your life that aren’t happy when you break out those old, ratty tees? Or are tired of hauling boxes of unworn tees that mean something to you but haven’t left the box for decades?

It’s time to give those old tees a new life! And we found the perfect solution with Project Repat.

Parents, think about it, you’ve collected tees from every activity your child has ever even remotely been interested in, even tees from things they hated. I mean, come on, you’ve been an excellent parent and they need to be reminded of that every day with a quilt of everything you’ve ever done for them.

If you’re crafty, or are willing to be crafty, you could make a t-shirt quilt yourself, we even googled it for you, but if you just want it made, Project Repat is a great way to get the quilt done.

Sending your t-shirts to Project Repat is great for:

  • Frustrated parents that want to get rid of their kid’s crap but want to pretend they are giving them a sentimental gift
  • Significant others
  • People inspired by Tidying Up with Marie Kondo and want to save some items that “spark joy”

But seriously it’s a great gift and we can just imagine the memories triggered every time someone cuddles up with a quilt of their favorite tees. Just make sure you ask the person before you turn their beloved tees into a quilt. Or you may find yourself scouring the internet for vintage high school tees and ways to fix the trust you broke when you destroyed the things most treasured by your loved one.


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