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Quickly Find A Campsite With Campendium

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Camping and exploring the great outdoors is more popular than ever thanks to the internet and social media. But navigating and researching campsites via the hundreds of private RV park and public (National Forest, National Park, State, County and City) campground websites can be more of an adventure than the act of camping itself.

Thankfully sites like Campedium have stepped up and make it easier than ever to find the perfect campsite. Maybe you want to camp in your RV at a casino or maybe you’re more interested in free campsites because camping is all about saving money and exploring the more remote spaces in the world.

Find Your New Favorite Campsite

With Campendium you can find everything from free campsites on public lands to paid campsites right on a California coast beach.

Campendium covers most camping options: RV, Free Campsites (Yes, there are free, legit campsites available all over!), National Parks, State Parks, Private RV Parks, Parking Lots and Dump Stations.

With 27,000+ campsites, and detailed information about cell phone coverage, pictures, fees and user reviews you can’t go wrong starting to plan your camping journey with Campedium.

Campendium YouTube Channels

Campendium also has two YouTube channels focused on camping and showcasing campground via 360 degree drives through campsites.

A general channel with tips and guides to camping and another channel with 360 degree drives through videos of campsites.

Get The App

Use the website or download the iOS app or Android app and try it out today.


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