Sunday, April 21, 2024

S1 Lifer: A Better Helmet

As parents we spend endless hours curating experiences for our children with minimal danger and maximum fun.

We want our children wearing bubble wrap and a full face helmet everyday. But that’s not practical, believe us we’ve tried and our children didn’t enjoy the experience.

Honestly, we care and worry too much about our kids. It’s okay, it’s in our DNA, we’re programmed to protect our kids. So embrace the deep, unsettling, cortisol-increasing anxiety and fear of everything in the world and help your children experience risk in a safe and controlled manner. Because soon enough they will be big kids and we’ll have to trust that they actually learned a lesson or two from us.

So throw away the bubble wrap. Grab some ice packs and bandages. And let your kids be rad, like kids from the 80s.

Well, like the 80s, except with helmets. And not just any helmet. But a helmet that actually protects our children’s brains so they can live another day increasing our cortisol levels in new and inventive ways.

If you’re in the market for a helmet, make sure you’re buying a helmet that actually does something. Make sure you buy a helmet that meets high and multiple impact standards like the S1 LIFER HELMET. Most soft foam helmets do not meet these standards.


Why S1 Lifer Helmets?

With the S1 LIFER HELMET you can offer your child some freedom on their bike, scooter, skateboard or hoverboard. You’ll feel much better knowing that your kid’s head is protected when she attempts to complete the world’s first cartwheel on a scooter and hits her head on the ground. It will happen, so stop worrying about what might happen and start protecting your kids from what will probably happen. We know you can do it because you already do it everyday.

Top Tip: Everyone should wear a helmet, even adults.

Source: S1 Helmets


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