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Saturday, July 20, 2024

The Best Online Puzzle Sites

Puzzles are a great for the mind and relaxation. No wonder millions of people turned to them in 2020. Puzzles everywhere are out of stock but lucky for you the Internet exists and you can solve puzzles online. We scoured the web and found a few online puzzle websites to ease your mind and fulfill your puzzle needs. There are endless online puzzle websites and apps but many are outdated or filled with ads. We found a few sites that have limited ads, easy controls and high quality images.


Jigsaw Planet

Jigsaw Planet offers clutter-free high quality online puzzles with a satisfying click. All of the puzzles are generated from user submitted photos and can be completed without an account. Registered users can create public and private puzzles and explore the social aspects of the site. The site uses banner ads to support the site.

We love that the puzzles offer image previews and ghost images to help solve the puzzles.

We wish the puzzle counts and type of puzzle cut could be customized when solving puzzles.


  • Use settings to customize the play area.
  • Move multiple pieces by using click and drag.
  • Use ghost images to help solve puzzles.
  • Embed a puzzle on your website.


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