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Saturday, July 20, 2024

Top Five Ways To Reduce Digital Distractions

5 ways to reduce digital distractions

If you’re like us, the main source of daily distractions is that tiny device that never leaves our sides. Although incredibly useful for many things, phones can quickly become a menace if not managed. And you probably aren’t going to get rid of your phone so here are five ways to reduce device distractions. 

1. Create A Home For Your Phone

A home for your phone.

Creating a designated place for your phone will help reduce phone pickups during the day. If the phone is not within eyesight it will be easier to focus on tasks and people.

This is the easiest no-tech way to limit device distractions. Simply putting your device in a designated location will help eliminate the impulse to check your phone every time you feel or hear a notification. The notifications will be there the next time you pick your phone. 

2. Activate Do Not Disturb

Siri, activate do not disturb.

Turning on do not disturb (DND) will immediately create a difference in your life. No chimes, no buzzes, nothing. At first it will be strange but trust us, the notifications will still be there when you choose to check in with your device. Do not disturb works differently on all devices but it is worth setting up. A good way to stop the notifications globally is to turn on do not disturb. On most devices the notifications will still arrive but will arrive silently. We use DND all day and it really helps eliminate distractions and helps us stay in the moment. If you need your notifications during the day, at least use it while you sleep. If you’re worried about not hearing an emergency call while in DND mode you can set it so phone calls ring through but everything else is blocked. Here are some guides on setting up Do Not Disturb on Android and iOS

3. Turn Off Notifications

I don’t need your notifications.

Turning off notifications is an easy way to manage apps that are interrupting your day. This can be done by swiping left and clicking manage (iOS) or settings (Android) on the notification itself. App notifications can also be managed in notification settings. You can turn off notifications for apps you don’t really use or you can allow the notifications to be delivered silently. This may take some work but it’s worth it if it helps you minimize distractions.

4. Use Screen Time To Manage And Monitor Phone Use

Screen time would like to help you manage your screen time.

Use screen time on iOS devices to limit use of certain apps. Screen time is amazing because it allows you to micromanage your device use but it’s also terrifying because it gives you insight into how often you look at your phone, what apps command your attention and how many hours a day you use your phone. 

There are many screen time managing apps for iOS and Android devices. Many of the apps are used to monitor and control device use for children. But managing screen time is for everyone. Search for a screen time app using Google and specify your device to find the right app for you.

5. Uninstall Social Media Apps

Just click the “X”

This final tip might be impossible for most people. But if you find yourself picking up your phone only for social media use, try deleting the apps from your phone and see if it helps you use your device less. If deleting social apps from your device is not an option try limiting their use via Screen Time on iOS or a similar app on Android devices OR limit use by using the web versions of the apps.


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