Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Up-cycle Cardboard Into Postcards And Thank You Cards

We loving thinking about the world around us in new ways. And sometimes we forget what we already know. We know, it’s probably just because our brains are so full of important information. Who are we kidding? It’s because we have the brains of parents. We deal with a hundred different dramas a day and when it comes to thinking creatively our brains are now wired differently.


So it’s fun when something prompts an old memory or fact that slipped away into a safe place in our brains. We recently encountered From, a pop-up art truck, focused on helping people create postcards from up-cycled cardboard and it reminded us that USPS will mail anything with a stamp on it. It’s such a great idea and we can’t wait to see the From truck out in the wild more often. But until you can hire From to come to your birthday party or event, why not get started making post cards with your kids?

Physical mail often gets overlooked but it’s something that we think shouldn’t be lost to history, much like cursive, DVDs and TWERPZ candy (bring them back please!). Kids these days probably better relate Amazon package delivery as getting the mail rather than receiving a hand-written letter.

So break out the markers and stamps and your pile of cardboard boxes and embrace old-school letter-writing for your child!


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