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Saturday, July 20, 2024

The Noise Of The Coffee House Without Leaving Your House

You can almost feel the energy of this coffee shop!

Do you long for the noise of the coffee shop but find yourself not wanting to leave your house?

Some people hate noise and need the silence to really tap into the flow of work. Others need the noise and commotion of others to really get into the zone. The anti-noise crowd can go to a noisy coffee shop and pop on their have noise-cancelling headphones and have the best of both worlds. But the noise-loving crowd is out-of-luck if they are working from home and need the noise of the coffee shop. Until now!

Coffitivity Is Here To Save The Day!

Coffitivity Cafe Sound Library

Coffitivity makes it easy to hear sounds from a coffee shop or cafe without leaving the house. And if you love the murmur of the crowd it is surprisingly effective at recreating the feeling of being in a busy public environment.

Coffitivity Is Free

Coffitivity is available on the website, iOS, and an offline desktop app.

They also offer a premium version with more sounds for $9/year.

Coffitivity Perks

Unlike working in a coffee shop, the Coffitivity background noise is just noise. You’ll never hear someone talking about how Coachella will change your life or why cold-brew is better than pour-over coffee.

Adjust the volume of the background noise with the music level on your computer or phone and just enjoy the the mumble of the crowd.

And for the ultimate perk: go to a coffee shop, put on your noise-cancelling headphones and turn on the coffee-shop noise and listen to your own music. Now that’s the future!

Why Coffitivity?

  • Free background cafe noise to help you work.
  • Make coffee the way you like.
  • Bring the coffee shop with you and save money!

What apps do you use to boost your productivity?

Source: Coffitivity


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